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About cornishfaeandpixiedust

I'm a WAHM (Work at home mum) and live in Cornwall in the UK with my husband and two daughters (plus Dini the cat :D). I love to sew and make things, have done for as long as I can remember. As a child I was always mixing up concoctions in the bathroom using talcum powder and shampoo! I was trying to make new products that you could use in the bath, that would 'crumble' into the bath - later in life I discovered that the company 'Lush' had created exactly what I was trying to make all those years ago 'a bubble bar' - that you crumble into the bath ;) If only I'd had the resources at age 8yrs - who knows where I'd be today! :D As a child I also made my own jewellery and knitted toys etc as gifts for family (I have a large family of 8 siblings :D I'm the eldest) and I absolutely LOVED my mum's button box! I would get it out and sort all the buttons into piles and patterns etc - it was a great source of inspiration to me back then. So I guess you could say I have always been creative, always loved making things. Since having my two girls I have developed a passion for sewing - mainly clothes for them, but also now toys and accessories too. In fact anything and everything I can sew or apply sewing to, I will have a go at :D I also work with angels - yes the guardian angels that sit on your shoulder and give you advice (only when you ask of course - they won't butt in when they're not wanted!) and I love to make healing products using natural ingredients. So, I make healing angel sprays that you mist around yourself and your environment to create a sense of peace and wellbeing into your life, plus I make healing jewellery and bodycare and bath products - being an aromatherapist makes that much easier as I love natural fragrances like essential oils and hydrosols (flower waters), I simply can't wear synthetic perfumes at all - the smells make me feel sick as all I can smell are the chemicals that have been used :( also they give me a rash - not pleasant. I love natural products especially as my husband has had eczema since he was a baby and my daughter has sensitive skin too - so I am very much aware of what goes on my family's skin, and where possible try and make as much of it myself as I can (and time permitting when you have two little ones under the age of 5!). I'm at my happiest when I am creating something - anything! I love to make things for myself and for others and I love above all else to be unique in my offerings. I have even started printing my own fabric - and later this year will even have my own designs made into stamps! :D Then my fabric will be even more unique! :D I love to work with natural fabrics like bamboo in particular - it is SO SOFT! The perfect fabric to go next to your skin :D But there is a place for polyester occasionally - mainly in the form of antipil fleece, such cute designs and warm tops can be made from this, that I can't not include it in my sewing stash! :D Anyway, I could easily waffle on for hours but then you wouldn't see my other stuff :D So please feel free to send me a message anytime about any of my posts or to ask a question or to place an order! And please pass this blog on to your friends and family, hopefully my passion for what I love creating will rub off onto someone somewhere in the world and inspire them creatively too! :D Blessings, Kate xxx

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